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Violin, Piano and Vocal Lessons
Private or Group
Music for all occasions

- Highest quality professional violinist and teacher with Master’s degree
-Violin for all levels, from beginners to RCM ARCT, Suzuki and traditional method
- Piano and Vocal, beginners to Grade 8 RCM
- Preparation for competitions, auditions and University

Albina Molodozhan
Cell:  (416) 435-2694
Tel:  (905) 277-1235
Mississauga, Oakville, North York, Toronto (GTA)


The Royal Conservatory of Music Teacher Certificate of Recognition
(2015 Regional Gold Medalist Ontario)


Albina Molodozhan is one of the core musician with Sinfonia Toronto that was commissioned and recorded CD featuring John Burge's “Flanders Fields Reflections”, which has won the 2009 JUNO Award for “Classical Composition of the Year”.

Sinfonia Toronto, Grace Church On-The-Hill, Oct. 26, 2007
John Burge



John Burge received the 2009 JUNO Award for Classical Composition of the Year. (Flanders Fields Reflections)

Marjan Mozetich received the 2010 JUNO Award for Classical Composition of the Year. (Lament In The Trampled Garden)






Albina is teaching her daughter Christine the art of Violin at age of six months.















Christine is learning to play the piano at age of seven months.


She is interested in the Viola at age eleven months.


She is curious in the Cello at the age of one year.

Christine is practicing with her violin at age of twenty-five months.



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Albina Molodozhan
Cell:  (416) 435-2694
Tel:  (905) 277-1235
Oakville, Mississauga, North York, Toronto (GTA)

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